"Help--No Eggs Ever!"


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
I have a Plymouth Rock-beautiful chicken-suppose to be 1 yr. old. (My husband thinks she is older) I bought her from a lady that Co-op recommended. I have now had her for 6 months and never had an egg. The other two chickens we bought from her (Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn) are great layers. She thinks she is the queen of the coop bossing everyone around. I really love her a lot. She follows me everywhere I go when I am feeding or cleaning their coop. She loves to fly up and sit on my shoulder. (Not crazy about that but I let her for a moment). I also have 2 Americaunas that are 6 months old (not laying yet) and another white leghorn 6 months also, and started laying two weeks ago. They were babies when we bought them. My question is----How can I tell how old she is---and if she will ever lay? We feed with the Co-op feed for layers and also lots of veggies and fruit.. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Some hens never lay...there are several reasons that can cause them to never lay...Birth defects such as a narrow pelvis. illnesses, or to much testosterone some hens have so much testosterone that they even crow like a rooster and grow big long spurs like roosters.
I had a RIR X hen that laid her first egg aged 8 months! She was a funny one, thick as a plank and twice as dense, but I adored her. She was a bit fat, which I suspect didn't help with the laying. She didn't lay very much during the time we had her, just an egg now and then, wherever she happened to be at the time. She dropped one on the floor in our lounge once

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