Help! No one breeds/sells Button Quail!


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Nov 16, 2012
Lafayette, TN
My Phineas (named because he will not be eaten) is a Button Quail. His once nest mate decide to fly the coop into my rabbit hound's mouth not too long ago and now my baby is lonely and huddles up to a mirror for company.

On the flip side, one of my best friends has a female nest mate from the same clutch but we aren't having ANY luck finding them mates! Can some one help me out here?
It depends a bit on where you are. I'm in Sacramento, California and searched for about a week before i found a button breeder on Craigslist. You'll probably want to get chicks or adult quail rather than hatching eggs so that you have a guarantee of gender, and that's a much more complicated order than just getting some eggs and putting them into your incubator.

Check Craigslist, Petfinder, ask the folks at your local feed stores, ask pet stores in your area (bird shops often sell button quail for aviaries) and ask around at your local farmer's market.

If you specify where you are, there might be someone from the forum nearby! Good luck and happy hunting!
I'm in Lafayette, TN. There aren't many "Exotic" avian stores unless you count Pet Smart and I have visited 7 so far with no luck, information of breeders, or information to contact someone who might know. The closest Flea Market in Bowling Green doesn't sale button quail, either. I'm running out of options.
I have some fertile eggs if anyone is interested I am in NY in the s. tier south of Rochester
I have some fertile eggs if anyone is interested I am in NY in the s. tier south of Rochester
I'll let you know soon if I might need them. I just need someone for Phin before he literally dies of loneliness right now. I might be able to take some on in a few months.
We have a great bunch of button quail for sale--wild, silver, tuxedo, and other. We're in northern Cal, near Berkeley. Selling for 15/pair. Let me know if you'd like some!!

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