Help! No shells for this gal's eggs!


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11 Years
May 7, 2008
Ok, i have 9 ladies and all were born last Easter.
They are all doing fine, all raised the same way and all eat the same things. They have a HUGE area to graze on with plenty of grass, rocks. etc... I also give them plenty of oyster shell to choose from, in addition to al their shells crushed and returned to their feed.
With all that said...........
I have one White Orpington gal that lays these "nude" eggs. She either lays without a shell & just a thin membrane or it's just the mess in the nesting box.
Today i found her in the box eating the yoke, but she didn't eat the shell, it's just that she didn't produce one!

HELP! is it time for the stew pot for her? all other ladies are laying just great!
Any advice, or is she sick? Should I seperate her from others?

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