Help! Not sure what is going on here???


11 Years
Aug 14, 2010
I have 6 chickens. They are all in some state of moulting. I have had them for at least 5 years but I don't recall seeing this before. All of them have some feather loss and a lot of weird reddish scabby things on their faces and combs. It could be scabs from pecking but it is ALL of them. We also had an ant invasion by the coop, but I have been bitten by these ants too and they hurt but didn't leave a mark. Can someone look at these and let me know what they think? Confused. PS all the chickens seem healthy otherwise.
From the photos those look like mite eggs....not scabs. Look at the base of the feathers that are still intact. If you see more of the same you probably have an infestation. You can use permethrine and clean the coop. Spinosad is what I prefer to use but its up to you. Permethrine is more cost effective. You can also wash your birds really well.
@wahmommy, if you are in the US go to Tractor Supply and get some Gordon's 10 and a spray bottle.
gordons_spray_tsc_1.png spray_bottle_1.png
What works best for me is to apply a 0.5% permethrin directly to them.
To make a 0.5% solution add 47 ml of a 10% permethrin concentrate to 32 ounces bottle, then fill with water to the 32 ounce mark, then apply to ticks and the rest of the bird's body. You will also need to treat the coop and places the chickens like to hang out during the day,

More info and pictures here:
Okay so I bought ophthalmic cream and put it in their eyes (to protect them) then drenched a cotton ball in the permethrin solution and applied to all affected areas on their heads. They even had them in the crease below their eye ridge- terrible. We then held them by their feet and sprayed them all over trying to avoid their eyes. Then we took everything out of the coop and put shavings etc. in plastic bags for disposal, washed all the feeders and put them in the sun to dry, then sprayed the coop, nest boxes, all the places the chickens hang out and the lawn they graze on. We are exhausted.. and we are going to do the entire thing again in 2 weeks... !!! BTW How long does it take for the fleas to drop off?
Please can someone tell me how long the fleas will stay attached to chickens after treatment? The chickens look better I think but they still have fleas attached - it's been 24 hours...

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