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Nov 1, 2015
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hi my hen red is not moving very good. She’s 4 yrs old and has always been in good health. I couldn’t find anything wrong. No bumble foot no mites she looks good but she won’t move unless I go to pick her up. I live in NH. She wouldn’t even eat the treats I gave them. I did give them cottage cheese yesterday? Any ideas would be great.


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Sorry that she is not well. Feel of her crop to see if it is empty, full, soft, firm or puffy. Check it again first thing in morning to see if it has gone down or is the same. Impacted or sour crop can cause their crop not to empty, and needs treatment.

At her age, she can suffer from on of the many reproductive disorders, such as internal laying, salpingitis, egg yolk peritonitis, ascites, or cancer. Does she lay eggs? Pick her up to feel her breastbone, and note if she has weight loss and loss of muscle tissue. Feel the lower belly between the legs for swelling or being enlarged. Note if she is having diarrhea. Will she eat some favorite foods? Try chopped egg, wet chicken feed, and others.
Thank u I will check that. I know she’s getting old. She’s one of my original flock. I have lost 2 others of my original flock in the past as well. One just went and laid down in the sun and passed away. And I’m not sure what happened with the other girl. She just passed away at night. . It breaks my heart when it happens. They r my pets more than anything.

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