Help on a broody hen?

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    Okay, thanks for clicking on this ;-)
    Well, my Buff Cochin.. Has gone.. BROODY D: finally [​IMG]
    I am going on holiday in 6 weeks, and I am thinking about 4 eggs under her, will she look after the chicks when I'm gone? (note.. they will be about 2 weeks old and someone will come and check on them (let them out and come back at night.) What are the fastest growing/strongest breed of chicks? I am letting the chicks be with the actual flock. I do NOT have a cockerel, I only have hens. I have a net over the top of my run, so will the chicks be safe?
    Oh, and one last thing, can hens eat chick crumbs? Because, if I have a mini feeder for the chicks, and the big layers feeder, will the hens eat the chick crumbs?
    Thanks, Rob.

    ETA: Buying the eggs, what breed should I get? (A hardy one)
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    What breed of eggs to get? Whichever you want. It does not matter.

    Will the chicks be safe? They are always at risk, all chickens are. I have no idea what your conditions are or what risks you have. How safe will they be? How high is high. It sounds like a reasonable set-up, but some questions just can't be answered.

    A standard way to feed a mixed age flock is to feed them all the same thing, Starter, Grower, Flock Raiser, whatever you choose, and offer oyster shell on the side. Just do not feed them Layer because of the extra calcium. This way they all get the nutrition they need and the ones that need the extra calcium can get it.

    Good luck!

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