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Kate B

In the Brooder
Jun 13, 2017
Hi all

We're getting two Aylesbury ducks in a few weeks. Could someone give me a hand with the size of the pen before my brain explodes! :) I cannot work out the square footage to save my life - math is not my strong suit!

It will be a permanant pen as we need to protect from predators etc. but they will be able to get out and free range in the entire garden a few times a week. However, assuming it will be a permanant pen, with a small duck house inside it, would this be big enough? It's a 55" x 55" octagon shape. Would that be large enough? I don't want to give them too little space!

Thank you!
That's only 20 sqft. If it's going to be a permanant pen even though there's only two of them I'd suggest going a little bigger if possible. Could you do 7ftx7ft? That would be 49 sqft much roomier and space for a kiddy pool to drink/swim in.

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