Help on guessing age for multiple chicks.

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    I posted this in another area, but thought maybe this was a better fit. I recently ended up with 13 little chicks almost a week ago, with the hope that I'll end up with 6 little ladies (too optimistic? [​IMG]) They're all various ages and I have no idea how old, so I thought I'd come check this out and post here to see if I could get some help. Bear in mind that I did get them almost a week ago, so they have to be at least that old. [​IMG]

    I've had the BLRW just as long as the others, but they haven't seemed to grow as much. Is that odd?

    Three little Buff Orpingtons. One is much smaller than the others.


    Three little Ameraucanas.


    Three Speckled Sussex.


    Two Welsummers.


    And two BLRW.

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    1week old or less
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