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  1. muddyrunfarm

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    Oct 11, 2008
    This is day 22 and I am extremely worried my 12 chicks wont hatch.I just cracked open TWO eggs and they were yolky and I turned the incubator off and was going to dispose of the rest of the eggs but I can hear chirping in one egg! now that i have totally messed with the temp /humidity by turning off the incubator for3 minutes ..can I help this chick out of its shell??
  2. mbrown

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    If you only turned it off for three minutes, I would just turn it back on and put leave the "good" eggs in there. I would candle them all though, and discard the ones that have not developed. And you can "help" them out, but its best to let them do it naturally. In my experience, if they can't get out of the shell themselves, then they likely won't survive anyway. The only time I help is if the shell is stuck to it.
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    Trun it back on for sure i dont get worried till day 23 you amy nedd ot add some sponges or damp towles in there to get the humidity up a bit to help with the hatch.

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