12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
Masontown, WV
Hello!! I am officially going in lockdown early this afternoon..I candled the eggs lastnight and then moved them to the hatching tray a little I could set my bbc ameraucanas.. put 2 regular spounges in the humidity pan. lastnight the humidity was 38 to 40% this morning there has been no change..
I have to go to town this afternoon so I will get the regular humidity pads and try them but I am not so sure it is going to help. I don't want to loose these peeps. why am I having this trouble? First hatch the pin inside the humidity tray wasn't adjusted right to let the water drain in.. now this..please any tips on how you have raised humidity in the sportsman 1502 or any other would be great.

Also i need to turn on my turner again but I have the eggs in the hatching tray in a turning rack to keep them upright. will the turner hit them? should I just lay them down naturally?

I am sooo sorry for the questions.. I have a lg still air bator I have used in the past and really didn't have much trouble with it. I just had to wait until it was warmer to start hatching.

the only thing I can think of is that it is dry in the house due to the pellet stove running all the dries the air.. I have a pan of water on it but the bator is in the other room but its all kinda open. can this be hurting? should I attempt to move the bator? I have a cool mist humidifier would it help? I also have windows on both sides of the bator...

where should the humidity plugs be set on the bator. the manuel I have says 1 on the side should be open and the other closed as well as the ones on the back unless you wish to lower the humidity. can I block them all off but 1?

Any help is greatly appriciated..

God Bless and thanks in advance!!

I'd lay the hatcher eggs on their side.
I'm sure it's the dry house. Can you add another container and sponge and spritze everything in the hatcher?
How about increasing the humidity around the incy. House plants, trays of gravel and water etc.
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I can try another pan. The last hatch I had mason jars with water and spounges inside coming out the top.. changed for a short period but will not last even close to the 3 days iam going to need for lockdown.. I also will lay the eggs on their sides.. thanks.. I think I am going to try a yuo think that will help out? where should te plugs be? I have 1 open on side 1 closed as well as the ones on the back..

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