help on seting up my incubator for quail??


8 Years
Mar 26, 2011
i got my incubator for xmas and i have no idea how to set it up.the incubator i got for xmas is a brinsea octagon 20 eco with a turning cradle. i want to try to hatch some quail eggs before i hatch my own hen eggs so i wanted to know:
do you put water in the incubator and where?
what day do you turn off the turninng cradle?
and any other info i need to know?
In the directions it doesn't say how to do all this, if it doesn't why don't you try looking it up on the internet.
I think the incubation is much the same only you'll want humidity around 65% and expect them to hatch around day 17. I have my first two quail eggs in my bator as we speak, so this is new to me, too.
You would probably have more luck with this question in the quail section. You need to specify what kind of quail. Some people open them to put in water, some put it in with a syringe through a hole in the top. It goes in some troughs in the bottom.
You should have gotten info for the incubator to show where to put the water, I don't have this type so you'll have to do your research there. So if you have Texas A&M coturnix your incubation is 16 to 18 days. At 99.5 mine usually go the 18 days. They see to be very sensitive to the temp so will hatch earlier if your temp is a little high. You should stop turning them at about day 14 or 15. In general, the consensus is that humidity should be higher for quail, different people have different opinions. If hatching separately from chickens, run it a little high for incubation, then really high at hatch. I have hatched coturnix in the same cabinet incubator with chickens and had a good hatch.

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