help on what to feed hens on nonprofit farm


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I have been caring for chicks that make there home at a 11-acre sustainable, educational farm nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Located School District land, our goals are to inspire curiosity about the natural world, cultivate environmental leadership, and promote meaningful physical activity and a deep appreciation of fresh, healthy foods. We have 20 hens that are 14 and 11 weeks old. They are there for education and they will be laying. They have a nice coop and big yard to play in. As of right now we feed then chick start, spouts, greens form the farm. The thing is we work with a lot of volunteers and I will be out of town for 5 weeks this summer I want to make should I get what the hens should be eating and not right. I don't what to come back to find the hens not doing well or to fat. I have not had hens befor so this all new for me.

So what I would like to know is that you feed your young hens (spoiled or not)? I do need to get something that volunteers can give as treats something the hens can eat out of hands?
At that age it's hard to say. I would suggest that before your leave stock up on grower feed and put out free choice calcium just in case they start laying while your gone. Once they start laying they immediately need the extra calcium. Since your non profit i would suggest having everyone involved to save their eggshells. Crush them very fine and perhaps microwave them for a few seconds for sterilazation. Put it in a cup or bowl and let them have it. Cheap calcium and no it won't teach them to be egg eaters. Good Luck and Great Job Wish more ppl would take the time for such projects.
Keep it simple...since you work with volunteers, get them feeding the chick starter/grower (whichever you use) and specify and leave out just a few types of treats as not to confuse, miscommunicate, etc. Label EVERYTHING.

Black oil sunflower seeds are great
Grapes (seedless)

As a large treat that can be left in the run, watermelon, pumpkin ...things like that!

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