Help- One of my eggs hasnt hatched

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11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
This is the first time I’ve tried hatching eggs in an incubator. Out of four eggs, two were fertile. Its now day 23 one of my eggs pipped yesterday and has hatched today
but the other one hasn't even pipped yet! The temp is about 99-100 degrees and humidity 70%. I’ve candled the egg, its all dark (which I assume is the fully grown chick) with an air sac at the top.

Is there anyway of telling whether it is dead or alive? I don’t know what to do.
Wait another day to see if it will pip and then candle for movement and try to see if it's broken the air cell. Put it back if it looks alive, keep the humidity up, and wait another 12-24hrs before repeating. If I'm pretty sure an egg is not going to hatch I carefully scrape a hole in the end with the air cell to see if I can tell whether it's alive and/or has broken through the membrane. If it looks dead I remove some shell and double check before discarding. If it's alive it can still hatch with a hole provided you keep the humidity high enough but the odds are lowered so you shouldn't do it to eggs that still have a good chance of hatching.

You really should not have removed it for candling at this point. You may have killed it by doing that. If they haven't broken through the membrane and you let the humidity drop by opening the incubator or taking the egg out the membrane can become too dry and tough for them to break through. Then they'll never pip and just suffocate in the egg. Chicks can take days to hatch. You need to leave the incubator alone until at least a couple days after they are due to hatch or wait until 24hrs after I've seen no more pips or hatching eggs before checking the ones that are left.
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Akane is right.
Great advise, Akane.
But my advise to you is to LEAVE THE BATOR SHUT!!! :eek: Opeing it will drop hum. and temp. and can cause a VERY high risk of killing a chick at that stage that you are at. I am on day 19, and to check on my egg, i look through the window and only once and a while check it for pips, which isn't at risky because the chick isn't at that stage yet where it is getting ready or about to hatch, like yours. But NO MATTER HOW TEMPTED YOU ARE TO CHECK THE EGG, DO NOT OPEN THE BATOR, UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!!!!!

Hope this helps, and also DON'T give up yet!
A lot of people have made a mistake by breaking open the egg because they think it's dead, and turns out it isn't.
But be careful, and like Akane said, if it has been like 25-26 days and still no pips, make a hole in the top where the air sack is and if you see movement, put it back. If not, check once or twice again before throwing it out.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep hum. and temp. up and I'm
that you have a success with the chicky!
Thanks guys, I promise I wont open it again! Naughty me!

Just one more question when shud I remove the chick that has already hatched, if I cant open the bator?
Wait until it is all fluffed up and walking(about 24+hours around there i think) then you can put it in the brooder.
Newly hatched Chicks can live up to 3 days in the bator after hatched without any issues.
If I get 3 or more and still have unhatched eggs, I very quickly lift open the bator remove the ones that are fluffed up and then close the lid again.

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