Help! One pullet died, I don't want to lose another!

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    I'm brand new to chickens, and I've managed to keep my flock alive for almost 4 months. We're in Florida, it's hot, wet, and everything is trying to kill everything. My leghorn died today and I'm not sure wahy. Might have been a spoiled crop. She was lethargic, not eating, weak, squishy crop, and she put her head back, garbled, and a Yellowy liquid came out her face when she passed. She wasn't panting, I didn't notice anyabnormal poo, and it allhappened in about 24 hours.

    The rest of the girls look and seem like their normal selves, but I'm worriedly. One is constantly panting even at night, and I have no idea what to do to help it. I have an arsenal of chicken emergency supplies, but still not sure when or How to use them.

    Besides the ungodly heat, here, what could be causing the panting? And what else might have killed my chicken so that I can protect the rest of the flock? I just treated them with ivermectin as a preventative measure. They have some electrolyte, and probiotics, and nutridench. Help! Please!
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    Unfortunately there is no way to tell why she died without a necropsy.
    Sour crop could be a possibility, of course.

    Provide cold fresh water, if you are using additives (vitamins/probiotics/electrolytes) make sure to change those out frequently to prevent any spoilage/ bacterial growth in hot weather.
    Give them their normal feed, cold/frozen treats such as watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber are usually always welcomed, but limit those to no more than 10-15% of their diet.
    If they are of laying age, provide oyster shell free choice and make sure they have a source of grit available as well.

    What "preventative measure" was the Ivermectin for - was it worms, lice/mites?
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    I'm doing my best to keep them cool. My panting chicken was less panty this morning, but increased with the heat of the day. When I pick her up, I've felt around her crop, and it feels empty more than anything, but if I mess around where it is for a little she sometimes releases liquid. I haven't noticed any different smells. I'm making sure they have lots of access to cold things and shade. They're all only 4 months old.

    A friend of mine suggested that my chicken might be being bugged by bugs because she was shaking her head a lot, weak, possibly anemic. I figured being in Florida I ought to put them on a worming schedule. I'm still not sure what is best because not every wormer kills all the worms... But I haven't seen those either. I have Wazine, Corrid, Ivermectin, Nutridench, and save-a-chick. I've only used Ivermectin and save-a-chick.

    I have yet to find any sort of bug infestation. I mostly see spiders, ants, and flies.

    And I'm going out of town next week with a house-sitter new to chickens. It's going to be trial by fire for her. Might reach out to some locals chicken people to help her out.

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