Help our 4-Hclub out PLEASE!!


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May 20, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
Hello Everyone!! Im not sure im posting this in the correct place but, here goes. The 4-H club stared by a friend of mine is in a contest to win 2500 bucks. They had to do a fundriser and write essays (and lots of other things) to enter this contest. All they need now is votes, please go to scroll about a quarter of the way down to the pink/tan box and vote for Open Range 4-H Club. It only takes a second. The voting ends at 5pm CST Today. Please take a second to support 4-H It makes such a difference in the lives of so many kids. Thanks everyone!
I voted for you. The Voting closes on Monday, May 28th at 5 pm, CST not today. If you do not see the poll it could because of a script blocker. You need to temporarily allow polldaddy.
You're right it closes today but not when you originally posted... but really who cares? as long as we're helping charity
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Thanks again everyone!! I'm not sure why it is saying the pole is closed.....humm, oh well. Thanks for trying tho. Last I checked they were ahead so hopefully it stayed that way!!

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