HELP! Our Family just started having a "Rooster problem" and we could use some Advice!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Scarfo, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Scarfo

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Hi there, im Mike- I'm new to the site and I'm also fairly new when it comes to raising chickens. My family and I acquired our first chickens about 1 year ago. We started small with 4 chics and 2 one year old hens. Since then we've built a "serious coop" that could easily hold around 40 birds comfortably. We have a wide variety of birds, 3 white leghorns, a couple of Americanas , a couple barred Plymouth Rocks, a Polish, and an Astrolorp. 1/2 of the birds are under 2 years old. The other half of our flock were raised since they were very little. Most of the birds were introduced to the flock at different times, found their place in the pecking order, and get along great. As it turned out, One of our barred Rocks ended up being a Rooster, we liked him as he was friendly, and thought he would be good for the hens, so we got him a no crow rooster collar and called it a day. Here's where the drama began. In early Janurary we brought in 4 "started chics" to the flock. 3 Black Copper Marans and an Easter Egger. Things were fine until the last few weeks or so. Of course one of the Marans ended up being a Rooster and things are "weird" in the flock. Our Barred Rock Rooster seems Very Irritated lately, crows like crazy, doesn't seem to care for the new birds much (he tries to keep them isolated in the coop and run while the other birds free range. ) also, the 3 other newer birds seem to follow the maran rooster. The two roosters never seem to fight as the maran rooster seems to be completely submissive to the barred rock rooster. The barred rock Rooster seems to "protect" the new rooster and new birds as well, BUT they seem to be in two totally different flocks. This has all been fine except for the last couple weeks, our Barred Rock Rooster has become SUPER AGGRESSIVE! He's bit me once, and has attacked both of my toddlers in separate incidents . (3 and 4 year old girls) my toddlers don't even mess with the chickens. I CAN NOT have an Aggressive rooster attacking my kids. Did we create a serious problem? Any recommendations or suggestions? I need to fix this situation ASAP even if it takes making soup out of one of my Roosters.. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] HELP!!!! Sorry for the long thread, wanted to get all the info out there..
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    Feb 2, 2016
    I would suggest emailing the web site staff my mom and dads friend rob started and currently owns this web site he is an expert on chickens. just go to privet messages or if you don't have an account make one then email the head staff they will surly help you.
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    Your original rooster has proven he is too dangerous to have around kids, and adults. It is time for the soup pot. They claim the meanest roosters make the best soup. He has too many strikes against him. You have to protect your children and he isn't going to go back to being a good rooster. He has showed his true colors.
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Dec 12, 2013

    I would get rid of the aggressive rooster, especially since he has attacked your children.

    Good luck.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - glad that you have joined us. I agree 100% with the sentiments of both DD and NFC - there is no room for a nutcase roo under any circumstances - he'd be headed for the crockpot if he were mine.

    All the best

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