HELP peeping egg without a mom


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5 Years
Feb 28, 2014
3 of my banties eggs (Orpington Cochin cross) hatched on the 14 one stared peeping last night but she is now not sitting on it. I put the egg under another hen who just started sitting on 12 eggs that I ordered for now but I don't want her to abandon her eggs either. I have a home made brooder housing three chicks at the moment who hatched on the 15. What do I do with this egg? It's still peeping and pecking but no visible pip and sounds weak. I remember as kids something similar happened and we put the eggs under our armpit until they hatched but not sure if that was the best course of action lol. Help!
Just keep the egg warm. Maybe put it under a warm heat pack, but make sure the heat pack isn't to hot.

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