Help, Phil died


6 Years
Jun 25, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas
This morning when my stepdad got home from work at 6:30 am he went to check on the ducks and they were all fine, doing their thing. But when I got up at 11 and went to check on them, only the three ducklings were sitting on the porch, which is weird because Phil (10 weeks old) never leaves their side. I called her name and whistled but she didn't quack of come so I started to worry and checked in her usual places: under the tree, in the bush, under the trampoline but she wasn't there. I checked next to the porch and found her in her pool. But when I got close to her I realized her head was hung over the edge, her feet were back behind her, and she wasn't moving. I started to panic as I realized she was dead and ran inside to get my stepdad. He was completely shocked because he had just seen them a few hours earlier and they were all fine. I picked her up and held her for an hour, trying to figure out what had happened. She had plenty of food, fresh water, it didn't feel like her neck was broken, her stock seemed completely empty, and she isn't of laying age. Could she have eaten a bee and it stung her? Or a spider? Her neck didn't seem swollen. Nothing seemed in normal except that she was dead. There were no puncture marks or even signs of a struggle. It doesn't make sense if she was sick, she had been perfectly fine a few hours before. I'm very upset about this and I just want to know what happened to her. I have three other ducks and if something is a threat to their life I need to know.
We loss ducklings this way too. Sometimes they get cannot get out, tire and drown. Also, it could be the pool water is contaminated? We had a duck almost die from, I am assuming, the pool being contaminated. Needless to say that pool remains empty. It is such an awful thing to go through, I am so sorry you had to experience this too.

The first time we had 6 younger ducklings drown in a shallow wide dish about 2" deep. My eleven year old daughter is the one to have discover this horrific scene.

Just in case it is contamination of some sort, watch others for signs of weakness. Also, if water is green in pool, wash thoroughly before refilling. (Just in case) :) I wish you the best in getting the answers you seek and the health of the others.
It's just weird because she's always been able to get in and out of her pool with ease and her neck was hanging out of the pool so I don't see she would've drown. And it was clean water. It's just so weird.
The only way to be sure is to have a necropsy. Our state university has a lab that does that. You would need to keep her body refrigerated until you can get her to the lab.

And it aches, awfully to lose one - and so unexpected. I was fond of Phil from your stories here. Wish any of us could bring her back.
I'm so sorry to hear about Phil I too was a fan from hearing all the stories and we could all tell how much you loved her. Ducks can hide their illnesses so well it's not till they are gone that we even know they have been sick. I'm so sorry this has happened and hopefully what ever caused her death was just something with her and the others are going to be fine. Like Amiga said a necropsy is about the only way of telling when their are no outward signs.
I've decided to have her stuffed so I can have her always. I probably won't have a necropsy because the thought of someone cutting up her body and poking around, ruining her makes me upset.

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