Help please! 6 mo. old pullet isn't doing well, could this be Mareks?


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Apr 16, 2013
My 6 mo old pullet ,Belle, started limping two weeks ago and at first inspection I saw no outward reason as to why. She was puttin her weight on the leg, we thought that she may have sprained something. A few days later I felt and looked at the leg again and felt a large hard mass on the upper thigh, the feathers are still in tact in the area and I don't see any pus or red area it's just hard, and large, it fit inSide my palm. I removed her from the flock, gave her aspirin and inj. Penicillin for four days.She was eating and drinking fine when I started the treatment . It has now been about a wk and a half with no improvement to the leg and she hasn't eaten hardly anything even tho I put her food and water right in front of her and I've Been Able to use a dropper to get water down her. The TS suggested putting Sulfadimethoxine In her water to see if there is an underlying issues, but there hasn't been any improvement. She basically sits all day with the occasional change in position. She has been vac. For Marek's. Her poops, from what I've seen, do look similar to mareks. Yellow with green bits.

Any suggestions out there as to further treatment? Or ideas of what else this could be, I don't want her to suffer, she is very sweet. She is a Barred Rock and my only one that hasn't laid. I did feel from her breat bone to her vent but didn't feel anything. She has dropped weight as I can now feel her breast bone very well. My flock did have cocci a couple months ago and we're treated and did fine. The rest of the flock are doing great.
Should I worm her?

I don't want to consider culling till I've looked into everything.
Thanks so much for any suggestions.
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Oh, also, I've given her vitamins and electrolytes, buttermilk for her tummy, & yogurt- but she didn't eat much, tuna which I hand fead to her. Her wattles, and comb are red and normal looking.
No replies so I edited the title for help. She is still with us and gets up to move to other areas in her pen. She isn't eating so I've been putting food on her beak so she'll lop it up and using a dropper to give her antibiotics. What else can I do? Should I worm her? Tomorrow wil be her last day on antibiotics. Anyone with further advice on what else to do or what this could be? This is her 2nd week of not feeling well.

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