Help Please-----Am Treating for Cocci---still losing birds

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    I have several chicks I got from Ideal in April (hatch date of 4/5/11) and 6 from Rural King, 6 from TSC. They were all doing great up until last week or the week before. They have diarrhea, are slowly wasting, and stand hunched. Those are the only symptoms, and I've been treating for Cocci since Sunday. Shouldn't they be getting better? Some seem to have pulled through, or were never sick, while others are getting sicker and dying. This is not affecting my older birds (8 mos.-2 years) at all. Should I be treating for something else, or switch to Sulmet? (I've been using Corid, 1 tsp. per gallon of water no treats or ACV during treatment.)

    My only Black Langshan is dying right now, and I'm going to lose my only Butternut and Buckeye-----I can tell by how hunched and inactive they are this morning.
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    Quote:I'd separate the sickest, give new medicated water and high energy food, scramble eggs up or something.
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    I'll try that---although I thought they weren't supposed to have any protein from treats while on the medication? I'm so discouraged. I have had chickens off and on for many years, and never had this problem before. This year is the first time I ordered from a hatchery, though. Before I always bought chciks at TSC and a friend who lives in another town close by. I'm not saying it's the hatchery chicks----they would have probably been sick before this. Just so sad.
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    Perhaps the reason that the corid isnt working is because the ones that are too sick are too weak to drink it on their own or didnt drink enough of it to be effective.
    Here is the sulmet dosage if you wish to switch: Dosage is the same for the liquid and soluable powder:
    Add 2 tablespoons to each gallon of water for 2 days, then half dosage (1 tablespoon per gallon of water) for 4 days. Excessive dosage can cause toxic reactions. Also, just for your info...there is a 10 day withdrawal period for slaughter. Dont try hatching eggs during medication and for short periods thereafter. Dont mix anything else in the mixture ie...ACV, vitamins etc...
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    I would definitely switch to the sulmet immediately. You did not say how long you were treating them with the Corid. The liquid corid I buy is dosed at 2 tsp. per gallon of water (tx dose), not 1 tsp.

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