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    This baby is 3 days old and I was out of town when it hatched. Daughter brought it in with the rest of the ones in the brooder because two mommas were fighting over them and had already killed two. It's leg goes back and when I put it under the right way it just goes back again when the baby tries to balance... So far the baby is eating and drinking but if it stays this way it will lose strength in it's other leg and die so we really have nothing to lose amputating the other leg... But we will be able to give the baby a chance to live and learn to balance on one foot. What do you all think amputate and give it a chance or cull? We would be using a pair of scissors sterilized(have some very sharp hair scissors. Have alcohol on hand, bandaids, and pads. And if I amputate, should I burn the cut or use a septic crayon?
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    Bump... It's hard to tell from the pic what to do... But... amputation may be it's best chance... Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Poor thing! Is there a local vet you could call? Perhaps one that deals with Avian science? At this age and with this problem it isn't too far off from other pet birds...they might be able to help.
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    I had one born with it's leg pulled up, almost like the joint will not bend. I haven't culled yet, it can hop. I might give it a day or two and see what happens. But, it might not make it.

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