Help please!! Aracuanas/EEs and Buff Orpingtons.... *pics*

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    We have three Easter Eggers... two pullets, one roo. They are 4 months old. Question is: I just recently noticed that one of the pullets is growing a feather "beard" and I'm wondering if she is a true Aracauna??



    Onto the Buffs...

    We got a new hen today. At first I was shocked at the size of her comb and wattles. I did not realize that hens grew combs/wattles that large. She is 17 months old. We also got 4 (out of 8) chicks, 2 months old, that she raised up. We're hoping they're pullets.

    SO anyway just want to make sure my Buff roo, Clyde, is indeed a roo! I have two Buff roosters. I was not able to get a picture of Rooster, because he and our EE roo live (free range) down by the barn and my batteries died before I could go down there to get pictures of him. He has a much larger comb than Clyde and he also looks different- bigger, meatier, etc. They are both 16 weeks old. Also I've heard him crow but haven't heard Clyde grow... (also Clyde is SUPER friendly... the friendliest of all of them) *shrug*




    Two pullets, also 16 weeks old, they have no combs or wattles at all


    Clyde jumped in the pin with Mama Hen and the chicks... he is to the right, she is to the left


    And because this is a sweet picture, Mama Hen and her chickie (look like a pullet or too soon to tell?)

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    EE's have them too.
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    True Aracauna's are rumpless; they don't have tail feathers.

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