HELP PLEASE! chick possible dying


5 Years
Feb 8, 2014
Hi i have a newborn and she seems to have had an injured foot. i put a bootie on her but she won't walk around or anything and only drinks when i dunk her beak in water. yesterday, i couldn't take it anymore, it looked like it was suffering so i took the booty and spraddle leg bad aid off. she started moving around but not much and still wouldn't eat or drink. She was getting pecked and ran over so now, i put another bootie back on and she is isolated. What should i do? should i cull? it doest really seem too sever i just want

to know how to fix it

this was her yesterday (first 12 hours of her life.



5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
she isn't dying, yet. It looks like a slipped tendon. Google it, and search this site and follow what you believe most reliable. I have successfully resolved this by laying the chick on my left palm with the legs straight out behind, along my wrist, and restraining the chick at the shoulders with my thumb.

With my right hand, I GENTLY rolled my thumb from the outside of the joint (where the tendon had slipped) to the inside of the joint. The tendon moved back into place across the back of the joint. Once it was back in place, I lifted the chick's body with my right hand and set it on its feet. Although wobbly, it was then fine.

Anne Katherine

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5 Years
Mar 19, 2014
Colloidal silver. It is a miracle worker! Also it could be she has spraddle leg. Have you tried giving her any mollasas in her water?

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