Help baby Silkie is dying!!


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Apr 14, 2011
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Today my power went off while at work when I came home the brooder light was off. I checked on my new babies 3-4 weeks old. One of the silkies was barely alive. I picked her up and wrapped her up and she's laying on my chest for warmth. I think she got too cold. Anything else I can do?? I feel so bad for her. She is chirping but cannot stand up. Help! Thanks
Oh Im so sorry!
A couple of ideas would be....
Does the neighboor have electricity? If so ask them if you can plug in an outdoor cord and use some electricity of theirs until yours come back on.
If you have a fireplace heat up some hot water in a glass bottle and put a spoon in the bottle as it helps absorb heat if its glass so it doesnt crack and if plastic well youll have to add a little cold water to it to cool it down a bit and wrap it in some paper towels and put it in there.
If you have any sporting goods store go buy a few of those glove/hand warmers and keep them in your first aid chicken kit in case this happens again.
Put your chicks in a container and turn the car on high heat and get them warmed up and if you have to drive around a bit so the fumes dont get in the car from the muffler.
I hope these ideas help you and Im sorry this happened!
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I hope that your baby is ok!
Thank you for the suggestions... I never thought about hand warmers that is a good idea. Somehow the breaker tripped and the power is back on so the light is working again. The other two chicks seem to be just fine. They are one larger silkie and 1 Americauna EE. My baby is doing a little better but she is slow going. Please keep her in your prayers. It's crazy how you can fall in love with these little creatures but I hatched them myself (first hatch) and have mothered them since birth. I'm hopeful that she will come through. Thanks again... I love my BYC friends
i had that happen once to a quail chick. i used a blow dryer to warm her up cuz it was a quick thing to get heat to the chick. and i gave her gatoraid to drink. she lived and is 3 years old now. shes doing great. hope ur little one makes it!! keep us posted!!
I lost a two day old when my cat took one out and played with it while I was gone
left it and I found it cold and breathing HARD. I did all I could but at least it past warm....
She made it through the night and seems to be hopping around doing just fine... whewww! I'm so happy she survived. So is her little mate

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