Help Please! Fever and Sickness in Chicken

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    Nov 17, 2015
    My chicken Dolores is about 4 months old. She is a favacuana. About 2 weeks ago she started acting sick and tried so i went to the feed store and they suggested an antibiotic called Oxytetrece i believe. She got better but the other chickens started sneezing and acting lathargic as well. After looking online i know they all have dry pox and i believe they might have wet pox as well. I have 5 chickens total. They all have been eating and drinking during the corse of the sickness until this morning Dolores would not come out of the coop or move at all. She is almost completely unresponsive and feels like she has a fever. I fed her water using a plastic syringe since she has not been eating or drinking all day. I also brought her inside and put her in my cats large cage with fresh hay and a towel over it to get her out of the heat. Is there anything else i can do??? Thank you![​IMG]
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    Basically you're doing the right thing giving antibiotics and isolating her. Did you also treat the others with the antibiotic? Others here might have more and better advice. I don't know anything about wet or dry pox.

    With sneezing and respiratory problems VetRx rubbed on their chest and top of their head can be very helpful. Sort of like vicks vap-o-rub for chickens.

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