Help please-GRAPHIC- Black aracauna wounded on neck by hens


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Hello all, i am a newbie and was wondering what advice anybody could give me on this siutation.

First of all this is how it started, i have 2 pens in my garage, in one pen was the small chooks and the pen beside it was 3 angry welsummers. This aracacauna thought while i was at school, she would hop over the other side (pen is 8 foot high, although there was a perch where she used it to jump into the welsummers, i now have removed it). Last night when i was checking them, i noticed the hen was in the welsummer pen. Her neck was stripped of feathers and some flesh was exposed, i put cyclo spray on it (a spray similar to blue-kote, but contains chlortetracycline ), this masked the wound and i placed her into a brooder by herself.

Today the wound is dry and shes some electrolytes in her water and has some grain and layers pellets. I dont know if shes eating or drinking, as shes hasnt done so, when i am there with her. She is making a grinding noise but is alert and is running about. She has some foam on her beak (cold???)

This spray is good for wounds and is suitable for poultry although its used mainly for dermatitis in cattle. I dont know if you can eat animals for meat afterwards but i have eaten the eggs after spraying it on hens.

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I have had 2 types of this incident happen and they both healed up great with blue kote and some alone time. I did treat my first hen with some antibiotics that mix with the water Azithromycin I think it was. She was torn up real bad and I was afraid of infection. She went on to healing up like nothing ever happened. My other hen is still currently healing and gets a spray every once and a while when the scab comes off. She is still out in the flock and doing great.

I would keep her penned up alone for a bit with some yummy treats and fresh water. She should do just fine. Make sure she doesn't have any other injuries if you can.

Hope this helps
They have remarkable powers of healing, should even grow back feathers in that area. Continue what you are doing and keep an eye out for infection, looks like she is in good hands. Try some favorite treats to encourage her to eat.

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