Help please. How do you put that stuff in your signature?

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    I don't know what it is called. But how do you get this:


    edited to ask another question....
    What does this mean? What is it? What is "my stuff," and what does it mean, "in signatures from thread pages?"

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    You go to your profile and click "Edit signature" and under the text box there will be 3 drop down lists, where you can choose what to show. You can show lists (like what's in the picture you posted), reviews, albums, and classifieds. (Those are what I know of -- not sure if there are any other things you can show off.)


    The "Hide 'My Stuff' in signatures" is if you don't want to see the things in signatures. Helpful for folks who have slower connections or just don't want the distractions.
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    Thank you ! ! [​IMG]

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