HELP PLEASE I LOVE THIS CHICKEN: she is limping for no reason?


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My Silkie Chicken, who is about a year and a half, suddenly started limping this morning. Yesterday she was in the hen house all day sitting on eggs laid by my two other chickens, we presumed she was broody and removed the eggs. Today when we let the chickens out I noticed her limping. I picked her up and saw that her right foot had its toes curled up and, she didn't like me touching it. She stands with the foot up and isn't walking very much. She is making this soft chirping noise as well.

Did she sit on the foot wrong....? I have no idea, it doesn't look swollen...should I feed her something?

PLEASE PLEASE HELP! In our house we treat our chickens like pets, like puppies, and are very attached to them. The entire family is really anxious. To illustrate how crazy we are about this: the Silkie is wrapped up in a towel and sitting on the edge of my sisters bed.

So please help! Any feedback is welcome!
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Coudl someone have stepped on it? ANyway, I would isolate her from the others and start vitamin and electrolytes until you can determine waht's wrong with her
If the toes are curled it could be a tendon problem in the upper leg. Marecks will always be considered however never heard of it curling the two. Gently move the leg backwards and rotate it gently. She could have a popped tendon. Someone else may want to explain what I'm talking about.
I was at a bird sexing clinic one and a woman brought in a quaker parrot with curled toes on both feet. The vet looked at it and said that both of his legs were broken at one point. As they healed wrong it affected the tendons in the upper legs thus causing the curled toes. So that was my first thought, injured tendon or broken leg?

Good luck & do please keep us posted? is the silkie vacinated for marecks disease?

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