HELP PLEASE !!!!! Injured feather in wing ??


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Apr 11, 2017
I found a lonely Muscovy duckling around a month and a half ago and I took him/her in. I had a ducklin last year so I already had some information an experience with helping it grow healthy. A few days ago I made him a cage outside so it can start getting used to outdoor living. I have a big lake outside my home. The reason why I had him in a closed cage is because there's a couple of Egyptian geese living near by and they attack every other duck they see around. Fast forward two days I noticed my duckies wing is hurt, I'm not sure if the geese got to him or if another animal tried to attack him. The wound is on the tip of his wing it appears to be one of his feathers that were growing, a blood clot formed around it and I'm afraid of washing it too harshly because I don't want the clot to break and it to start bleeedibg. I lightly washed it with warm water and then applied some neosporin. I have pictures but I'm not sure how to upload them (I'll upload them to my profile page) I'm not very sure what to do, I've come to love this duck and I don't want it to be hurt anymore. :(
Another thing (sorry if it's gross) for the past few poops he has made, they have bee very liquid and have a white yellowish tone. I haven't seen this type of poo before. Is he sick?
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From what I can see in the photo, it looks like one/several of his wing feathers that are growing in got damaged/broken and bled. It is possible that he damaged it himself by accident, or it could be the geese you mentioned or other predators. If you think the area will bleed with too rough of washing, I would leave it for a day or two. Continue applying neosporin, though. I don't have experience with ducks, but I've found that my chickens recover quickly from damaged blood feathers. As long as you can prevent further injury from occurring (such as by making sure the mean geese and other animals can't get to him), your duckling's feathers and wing should heal fine.

Unfortunately, I don't have experience raising ducks, so I can't tell you for sure if your duckling's droppings are normal. From what I've seen and heard, though, ducks tend to have very watery droppings, so his droppings may be normal despite their liquid, white appearance. Is he acting normal otherwise?
Thank you so much for your reply! I was really worried. yes other than that he is acting normal.

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