Help please lost 2 new chicks to pasty butt.


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Mar 31, 2008
I lost 2 new chicks and then I read about pasty butt. I have one struggling with it now.I just picked them up yesterday from the breeder and they were fine at 11:00 last night when I checked them before bed. I cleaned this little girls butt with warm water and applied vaseline to it and gave her some sugar water. She is just laying there gasping.I have her separate so no one can stomp her and she is under the lights. Is there anything else I can do and what causes this??I feed dumore 20% chick starter and put a little cider vinegar in the water I use for them. Thanks Lisas:(
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Feb 25, 2007
If you have this baby directly under the light and it is panting then it sounds like its too hot. I hope someone with more knowledge comes along soon and can answer you better than I could. I think I read that it is caused by stress.


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How big is your brooder? you have a hot side and a cool side? what is the foor temp of the brooder under the heat lamp? you can wash off the poop but I pinch it and pull like pulling off a band-aid. You can also carefully snip with scissors


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Mar 31, 2008
I lost the chick,the brooder is kept at 85% and sometimes goes to 88% and I have paper towels on the floor.There is a cool side and a warm side. The breeder said to keep them at at least 85-90.I was using a loose soft paper litter but it was hard to deal with if any water spilled as it was hard to see what was wet and what was dry and it was easy for the chicks to try and eat it. I am in the city so I do not have many(8) chicks now.
I checked everybody elses butt and they look fine. Thanks for the replies. Lisas:(


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Dec 21, 2007
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make sure the vents are clear, and not plugged up on the inside.
don't plug them up with the vaseline.(a little unscented mineral oil might be better)

keep eye on temp for stable temp.
no drafts.
what color light are you using?

put vitamins and electrolytes in water..

use deeply ribbed paper towels or that rubbery non-slip shelf liner for "bedding".

check crops for lumps.(could indicate impaction from paper)
watch for signs of illness...hunched posture, not eating..
red or pink in droppings
panting could be due to being to hot, stressed, or possible respiratory illness..
I don't think you need the vinegar.
others might have different opinion.

do check the crops..if they feel totally clear..
maybe some terramycin might help.
but see how they do..

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