help please! momma abandoned eggs


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Apr 30, 2015
Momma broody disappeared about a week and a half ago. We found her when searching for a water leak because our lines busted because its been so cold (15 deg at night). We had to box up up under the house to prevent further damage so we tried to relocate her tonight to the chicken coop so she wouldn't be boxed in but she abandoned her eggs with the move. She has 17 eggs....all fertile and about 10 days in (as far as I can tell by candeling and being a total newbie). It was about 2 hours ago that she left them (near as I can tell) and it is 20 deg outside. I have moved the clutch into the house where it is warmer but I have no incubator. We use wood heat. Are these eggs viable at all or are they lost? I have a big Rubbermaid container and a heating pad and blankets and such to use but I have no incubator or lights at my disposal at the moment. Is there any hope of saving these chicks? Please help. We have always counted on momma hen knowing best but I can't let 17 lives be lost without a fight...I feel so bad for trying to move them and I don't want these babies to die


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Apr 3, 2011
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You could try putting them on a heating pad and covering them until you can go buy or borrow an incubator. The lower cost ones are about $40 without a turner. You could try candling the eggs to see if the chicks are moving or if the eggs looks viable, before you buy an incubator. There are pages of threads if you go to the search box above, but here are a few that may help you:

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