Help please! My ISA has diorrhea, lethargy, not eating


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Dec 16, 2018
Redcliffe, QLD
Hi everyone. My ISA has got bad diorrhea for 4 days now. She is really lethargic and barely taking any food. She is drinking water properly. Her poop is clear yellow and infrequent. I haven't seen a cecal poop in days.
She doesn't have bad breath, her crop isn't solid as expected from barely any food. No blood around vent or in poop. Also, her comb has gone super floppy.

Any help is hugely appreciated!
Good for you for ruling out a crop disorder. That leaves infection or reproductive issues or both. Has she had any egg quality issues just prior to being sick? Shell-less or thin shell? Is her tail pumping?

Could she have gotten into something rotten in a compost area? How about mushrooms or suspicious berries?
She did have an egg break in her 2 weeks ago. She has layed since then, so I am thinking that it is clear? Could well be a spider or toad or mushroom. I thought i would see an improvement by now tho.
I checked her this morning before she left the roost and her crop wasn't flat. It was smaller though.
I am deworming entire flock and will try and massage out crop.
:D Took her to the vet and she is improving.
What Happened:
-crop emptied and filled with water and electrolytes. Nothing unusual about crop contents. Vet thinks unlikely symptom causing.
-faecal float / examination showed a single worm egg, so also not the problem. Dewormed anyway.
-reproductives checked and all clear there.
-Vet gave course of Flagyl (antibiotic / anti bacterial) for possible Giardia poisoning.

She was eating 24 hours later. Still frail and a bit slow, but responsive and vocal. Not out of the woods yet, but feeling positive.:fl

List of symptoms when I took to vet:
-Lethargic, sleeping standing and unalert
-Unresponsive to food call
-Flopped comb
-Smelly clear, white and dark brown diorreah
-not eating
-not drinking
-not laying
Hope this can help others!

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