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Mar 1, 2010
Ten day old chick, vent swollen and a bit crusty. I know it's probably Pasty Butt and yet not sure as there is clear liquid kind of seeping out, and I haven't seen that posted before as a symptom. She's as active as the rest, doesn't appear sick. I cleaned it with warm water and q-tip and put a bit of triple anitbiotic cream on last night. Seems a bit less swollen today but still seeping and crusty. How long will it stay this way and am I doing enough?
I added a splash of cider vinegar to the water. I saw a post on molasses added (til it looks like tea?) but she's in with 38 others and I really don't want to give it to all of them if it's not necessary. I also am not sure how to add the yogurt or Probios in the food, will it be ok with the others? And does it have to be 'active culture' yogurt and this may sound stupid but what about the flavors are they ok? There are so many yogurts out there, maybe just plain would be better? Argh! I never had this issue with my last group! I have double checked the temp and lowered it a bit after reading it might be overheating and stress. They do get a bit ruffled whe I am moving things about in their cage, but my clucking sounds settles them immediately!
Thanks for helping!!
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Sounds like you are doing all the right things. I have never had that issue myself. Is the chick lively like all the others?

First, are you sure it's the vent and not the umbilicus that is drying up and crusty? Seeping sounds like the umbilicus not the vent. If so, don't mess with that at all other than, if you want, dap a bit of iodine on it. The vent needs to be kept clear and do not put molasses in the water. That will give it diarrhea and make things worse. Find unfiltered Apple cider vinegar with "the mother" (sediment) in it, add a couple teaspoons to a quart (not in metal waterer, only plastic). That helps with pasty butt. If you wash off the vent, dap a bit of vaseline on it and it will keep poop from sticking, but make sure you're looking at the vent and not the umbilical stump. Always, plain yogurt, never flavored--that has sugar or artificial sweetener in it. Put a couple of tablespoons in a bowl and sprinkle some crumble on it and they'll eat it.
Thanks all for your replies!

Margot~ Yes she is just as active as the others basically. Although a bit smaller than the rest.

Cynthia~ Yes it's definitely the vent not the umbilicus. And its the clear seepage I am concerned about. I have been using the cider vinegar and she doesn't seem to have trouble eating or pooping. Although I haven't seen her droppings yet as she's not separated. The other chicks are not really interested in pecking at her poor little bottom and shes less stressed with her flock.
I have used triple antibiotic not vaseline so far but will try switching it up. Do you think I should try some Polyvisol? Just thinking that it's the inside issue I should be treating not the outside symptom. Or will that just mess with the good bacteria balance more?
I picked up some plain yogurt today and will be offering it to all of them tonight.

thank you for responding!
I've never had seeping but with Dot my mottled cochin baby we had horrible pasty butt. I cleaned it 2 times a day, applied triple antibiotic cream about 4 times a day. Don't get discouraged. Just when I thought I had it under control it came back. I suggest to keep the chick seperated even after the pasty butt looks good for a few days. What housing are you keeping them in? I would take her off of any dusty bedding and try to keep her as clean as possible.

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