Help PLEASE!! Salmon Fav. hen has runny eye...What do I do? PICS


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Apr 9, 2009
New Tripoli PA
Sammy has a runny eye. I noticed it today, and when I looked at her, there were little bubbles at the corner of her eye. The few feathers she has growing back in on her face are wet from the "tears". Her eye looks fine, and is bright. Sammy is also eating just fine, and has just as much energy as ever. Is there something I should put in it for her, or just let it go? I posted pics, but they aren't the best. There is no abnormal swelling, and her eye lids look normal.


Several of my birds had that problem last year. I picked up a homeopathic pinkeye treatment (found at almost any drug or grocery store) and put a drop in each affected eye several times a day. It didn't seem to hurt them at all, and the condition cleared up in just a couple of days.

Also worked on the cat when he got an infected eye too. He wasn't too keen on having his eye held open for the drops, but it didn't hurt him at all.

Kathy, Bellville TX

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