Help Please--Sequential Incubation with Two Machines?


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Oct 19, 2012
Arlington, MA
My first set of hatchings were amazingly successful (for me anyways 10 out of 24) and now I am hooked and have friends who are equally hooked on getting rare breeds that few folks in our area have. I have two incubators, the Brinsea Octo 20 and the GQF Hova bator. I was wondering whether we can start a clutch in one for turning and then transition the eggs into another that does not turn for lockdown. Then I can have a little assembly line going and hatch in parallel. Has anyone done this or is it not a good idea because it introduces too much variability?
If you check threads, that is pretty common, a lot of people use one incubator for most of the incubation and then have another for hatching. I actually usually do exactly what you mention, incubate 18-19 days in the Brinseas and switch to a 1588 for lock down and hatch, find the 1588s a lot easier to clean and I like the extra amount of room. As long as both are working correctly and you can get the humidity in the 1588 where you need it for lock down, I don't see any reason not to.

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