Help! Please tell me it’s not mareks


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Jul 6, 2018
We found two of our silkies dead in the coop yesterday. Then today two more aren’t looking good :( All the rest are acting normal. They are 8 weeks old. The two I separated, one worst than the other. She is just laying there. Was still eating and drinking this morning, closing her eyes but opens and acts alert when I touch her. But I’m pretty sure she is not going to make it much longer.
They have watery slime coming from mouth/nose. Eyes look fine. No lumps or cuts or bleeding.
Please tell me this could be something other than mareks disease. We have thousands invested into our coop area. It cant be moved and we have 55 other chickens (all acting fine as of now)
Is there anything I can be doing or treating for? I’ve have chickens for years and never had a sick one.


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