HELP Please! Vomiting and diarrhea


5 Years
Jun 11, 2014
We have a pullet that is 5 months old. She has diarrhea and I noticed clear liquid coming out of her beak. She isn't "vomiting" yet, but I suspect she may start as we had a pullet that ended up dying last year and she started with these same symptoms. She hasn't laid an egg yet, but she is the healthiest looking pullet out of the 6 we bought to add to our flock to show at our local 4-H fair. Any thoughts as to what this is and a possible treatment? Thanks for your help!
No, we don't have a vet in the area. She isn't lethargic yet, just diarrheal and clear liquid coming out of her beak. Same symptoms our pullet last year started out with and she died. Trying to prevent that from happening again if someone knows what it might be.
What type of foods/treats do you feed?
Do they have access to grit?
Can you post photos of the poo and the chicken?
How does her crop feel - hard, soft, squishy, doughy, empty, etc?
Have you checked the crop to see if it is emptying properly - full crop at night, empty in the am before anything to eat?
Any signs of lice/mites?
Have they been wormed?

How long have you had her on your property -how long have you had them - and if newly acquired are they quarantined away from your existing flock?

It could be a number of things, make sure they have access to grit. It could be a sour/impacted crop. If they are new to your property, the lethargy could be due to Coccidiosis, which in turn can sometimes cause crop problems.

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