Help, please? What am I doing wrong? Rats!..UPDATE!!


9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Ocala, Florida
One very DEAD big-a$$ rat in the run this morning and one that's not looking so good down in the hole! Can I get a WOOT! WOOT! I hope they aren't on to me, cuz the rest of the pile of bait is also still there, too, and just about 1/2" from the live one's face..maybe he's thinking, "I knew I shouldn't have gone to the all-u-can-eat buffet!" Who knows how many are under the slab..this could take a while, but at least with finding one stiff rat, others should follow. Thanks for all of the tips and advice, BYC peeps! I'll keep doing what I'm doing and hope to eradicate the nasty critters. We also bought the 1/4" hardward cloth last night to go around the slab and it'll be done tomorrow!


I got quite a scare when I went out this morning to find a 3" wide and 6' long drag mark in front of the run. I thought for sure I had a HUGE snake. I looked all around carefully for 10 minutes and couldn't figure out where it could have gotten off to because there was such a definite beginning and end to the drag. I finally remembered that my son was riding his mountain bike in the yard and came out to see what I was doing, so it's got to be from his tires..I felt like an idiot, but I guess the rats have just really gotten my attention!

I used Motomco "Hawk" from TSC and it took a few days, but the second oneis out there dead this afternoon! It was trying to get out from under the coop, thru the chicken wire that we buried into the ground, and I don't know if it got stuck or just happened to die half-way thru. Either way, YUCK and YAY! I bet there's more than two, so I'll continue to bait for a while, but that stuff really worked!

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