Help please..what's wrong?


11 Years
Oct 19, 2008
Stockbridge, MI
One of my Speckled Sussex girls is standing off in the corner of the run by herself, she didn't come over for cooked rice and she's bobbing her looks kind of like dry heaving.

Any ideas?

Is she light? Is her keel sharp? She's probably not been feeling well for awhile, as they often don't show signs of a problem until it's pretty advanced. I always bring a sick hen inside and use supplemental heat while I try to figure things out. try to gather as much info as you can, and maybe someone can help. Good luck.
Well, I just took out some over ripe pear and she came running over and pecked at it merrily.

She doesn't look light and her crop isn't swollen...she seems to have stopped the head bobbing.

Hopefully she's ok after all.

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