Help please. WIR or tractor them around?


8 Years
May 7, 2011
Hello all,
I have yet another question. Right now my ten chickens are still small and fitting fine in their 4x9' run, but soon they will be big and I need to figure out how I am going to house them. I am not keeping all of them; some will be boys and depending on what I decide to house them in I may not have enough room for others... I have been leaning towards a WIR but a friend of mine keeps telling me that rats and fleas could pose a big problem if they are stationary so I am getting nervous. What do you all think? I also have some feather-footed varieties and I live in the northwest where it rains a lot so that could also be a factor. The coop I have now is a tractor and very secure so I could move them around but I would have to trim my flock down a lot.
I am feeling very overwhelmed right now as I had always planned on WIR but I don't want a lot of issues with fleas and rats.. Any help very much appreciated!
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you shouldnt have any issues with flees or rats.

chickens eat flees and keep your feed in metal cans and youll have no issues with rats or mice (the chickens will peck the mice to death)

provide the chickens with some good dust bathing area and they will be able to keep themselves mite free.
Thank you, schism. I do think I am once again leaning in the WIR direction. I have changed my mind so many times who knows what to/arrow may bring!

Hopefully others will chime in as well so I can actually make a final decision!

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