help please with my very sick araucana


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Jun 16, 2009
Kent, England UK
She's 20 months old and only starting laying a few weeks ago. She stopped laying about 10 days ago. She has had watery poo with green in it but not today. She's thin and eating very little but I have been hand feeding her the so called recovery diet (egg yolk, oats, yoghurt, grated apple) but yesterday and today I am hand feeding her anything I think she might eat: weetabix and water, bread soaked in milk, finely chopped ham... I have added apple cider vinegar to her water and treated her for worms. I thought it might be coccidiosis but absolutely no blood in her poo and no hunching or sitting fluffed up. She's walking around like normal. I have coxoid coming tomorrow and wonder if I should give it to her? I have her separated from my other hens. She's not right and is very thin and not eating normally. What else should I try?


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Mar 22, 2010
have you checked her out for mites/lice, they can make them sick too. could she be egg bound? sounds like your doing all the right things, hope she gets better
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