Help please- yard sprayed for ticks while I was out! :(

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    Jan 31, 2013
    We moved to a home that had been vacant for over 10 years, on a 2.5 acre lot, surrounded by woods in south Arkansas. Since the move less than two months ago, our small dogs have each had several ticks and the other day, I was bitten by a tick. I'm 7 months pregnant which made this a little scarier for me, not to mention that ticks just gross me out!!! While on the phone with the doctor the next morning, I saw a tick jump on my 2 year old's head! Ewwwww and AAAHHH! Horrified and concerned with the potential spreading of disease, I called pest control to have them come out and spray the yard for ticks. They said the ground was wet and with the expected rain, they would have to call me back in a few days when the ground was dry...

    The following day, I found another tick in my hair after walking from my carport the front door.. flipped out a little.. Decided to listen to what my mother and everyone online was saying- get some guineas! We located 7 and by the following afternoon (yesterday), our new coop, gear, and guineas were on our lawn.. waiting for the day they could start devouring ticks- a week from now.

    I left the house for an hour this morning and returned to find that the exterminator had come and sprayed my yard! I am so upset. They were suppose to call me to schedule before showing up. Of course, he said that he avoided the coop and everything would be find once it dries..blah blah. I'm really concerned about letting the guineas out to free range after a week. I am completely new to this and open to all suggestions of how long to wait, or what I should do. I am so excited about these little guineas and would hate for something to happen to them.
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    I would find out what was used to spray the yard, then research how long you should wait. If this guy isn't smart enough to get the permission and schedule straight, it might be a stretch to think he really knows about the chemicals.

    Of course, this free yard treatment is a hassle.

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    Yeah just ask for the product name or MSDS. I bugged the heck out of places about what they used, but now just do it on my own.I can research and buy everything they do.
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    All will likely be fine. I don't know what was used but in all likely hood it is a form of Permethrin, a premise spray.
    As far as insecticides go this is about as safe to use around animals with backbones (aquatic animals excluded) as it gets.

    Permethrin is the active ingredient in many dog and cat flee collars, and pet shampoos, regardless of what you read on the Internet about Permethrin killing every cat that looks at the bottle. Permethrin is even used on organic crops.

    A cream containing 5% Permethrin is sold over the counter to kill human scabies.
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