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    So as of yesterday it was hatch day!! My first chick pipped thursday night and hatched out sometime during the day on friday.
    Well, one of the other eggs pipped early friday morning just barely a external pip, then sometime friday afternoon she/he managed to get the beak through to breathe. since then VERY little progress has been made. i managed to chip away some of the shell since it seemed to have not made any progress within the last 24 hours. I placed the egg back in the bator with a damp paper towel under the egg which also raised the humidity. I noticed that the white membrane seemed to be a tan color so i assumed it has dried out a bit.
    However, the other chick PERSITS on pecking its sibling in the face so i place a tin can in the bator and placed the hatching in progress egg in it so the other chick would stop pecking it! My question is, do i need to help this little chick out?? This is my very first time incubating and hatching chicks. I have done tons of research on incubating and hatching before hand but i am a nervous wreck over this little chick! Please help!!!!
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    If it has not proceeded to zipping in over 24 hours or never finished zipping and it's been that long you need to assist it. I suspect the chick is stuck to the shell. This happens when base humidity is too low. I shouldn't say too low as it's a combination of things. If base humidity is under 70% RH and allowed to spike while chicks pip, zip and hatch then return to below 70% RH the album turned gooey during spike then dried like glue when under 70% again. So it's not bad to be under 70 it's just hard to keep it from spiking high. I use to do it with success then had a bunch hatch overnight once when sleeping so any left that had piped and not gotten out yet were stuck. I finally started hatching over 70% RH, 70-75, and not had a problem since.

    With tweezers or blunt thin object flick off little pieces of shell to unzip. Leave the membrane, put object between shell and membrane and flick up to chip away the shell in zip fashion right around. Have waTer 90-100 F in bowl. Dried and stuck areas of membrane will need lubing up with water, use finger and rub water until the membrane loosens and slides off. Be wary of chicks mouth and sinuses. Wash the chick well enough that the wings move and really clean the butt. You don't want gunk obstructing that. Little tiny bits of shell and stiff matted down when dried back out is fine. They shed all that down very fast. The gig is to soften the membrane and don't peel it off, slide it. If it slides it's ready and if peeling and not ready will cause bleeding. Lube with water, dissolve the glue. Wash up most the gunk and your done. Really wash the butt.

    It's not a fun task but should be done all at once. Just get it over with taking as much time and patients as it requires. The amount of rubbing of water needed sometimes you don't want to take a break as then your starting all over really. When done put chick back in incubator or in brooder heated area to dry off.
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