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    Apr 24, 2009
    Hi all! I am a teacher and have hatched ducks before, but only call ducks. I have switched to Pekin this time! Any differences that anyone knows about?

    Well here is my question...The eggs were shipped yesterday and are coming my home [I did not want them showing up at school and someone not handling them correctly]. According to the supplier they will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. In the past all my eggs have been shipped overnight. As I am sitting here looking at a calendar, I realized that if the eggs are placed on Tuesday that would make hatch day the 25th of May, which is also Memorial school. I would really like the students to be here to witness them hatching!! Can I keep the eggs out of the incubator until Wednesday or preferably Thursday? If so how do I store them?

    Any ideas/advice/suggestions is much appreciated!!!

    Thank you!!
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    depends on how old the eggs are that you can wait to incubate for sure if they are not old and then just leave out pointy end down in a carton in a cool room 50 degrees ish a little warmer won't hurt-but you need to leave them sitting for 12 hours or more to settle-the air sacks and all-also, making sure they are room temp before incubation.--
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    I always let mine sit for 24 hours before putting them in the bator
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    Oct 16, 2008
    with duck eggs I leave them in the nest until I have a batch.. then I bring them into the house and let them acclimate, about 8 hours..

    I do not know where you are, but could you leave them on say an unheated porch until you are ready for them? as long as they do not freeze ..

    you will have to assume that you were sent just layed eggs.. I see no harm in setting them at your convenience..

    ducks "gather" eggs for up to almost 3 weeks before they settle down to incubate..

    last year my neice set quail eggs and they hatched out on a sunday..

    this year she really checked the calender..

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