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    Aug 27, 2007
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    i have rosepetal/ silkie bantams... 2 eggs the hen laid she sat on for a week n a half maybe 2 weeks...before i got an incubator...they've been in it now for a week n a half...will it take more then 21 days because they havent been in the incubator the whole 21 days.. they were laid on october 1st... or the day before?
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    So, eggs will take 21 days to hatch from the day they started being heated. If your hen was broody and sat on the eggs for two weeks, why did you take them from her as now she will sit on air like crazy?

    I suggest candling them since you don't know otherwise if they even have embryos in them.
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    I agree with silkie, if your hen had sat for 2 weeks on them why take them away from her and put in a bator?...You need to candle your eggs to see if their growing....
  4. I would put them back under her. A broody is the best bator you can get!

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