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    Aug 2, 2010
    i had a chick pip real late, and he has been since sometime lastnight or early this morning because i heard him peeping in there at like 7am. the humidity was real low so i got it up high as quick as i could but no idea how long he had been pipped while it was so low.. he hasnt made any progress all day but i keep hearing him peeping so i decided to see if i could help incase he was shrink wrapped. ive done this quite a few times. this time tho is different, while very carefully taking pieces of the shell off i noticed blood.. i know thats not good so i started on the other side and there wasnt any there, so i took about half the shell off and put him back in the bator hoping he can do the rest. im not sure what to do now tho, why am i seeing blood?!
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    is he moving at all and still peeping? how much blood was there? There is a sticky at the top of the incubatinig and hatching eggs i would read tht and go from there. I had a similar situation i ended up taking all the shell off but the bottom once free of the top he kicked the bottom off but read tht sticky first and do wht it says tht is the advise tht was given to me [​IMG]
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