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Jan 5, 2012
Hello BYC
Need help please i love miniature American game but can't fine no one selling them at all!! I heard you can breed large American game fowl and breed them till they get bantam size .. (THIS IS NOT FOR FIGHTING AT ALL!!!!!) This is just a fun hobby and like the look of them and also like the smaller birds .. Can someone tell me how to do this .. Thanks ..
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Not familar with the breed But if u like OEG bantams they r really easy to find and wont takes years to breed down
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Look like you can't read i didn't bumping nothing at all!! If you had read it all maybe you would know .. I SAID..I would love it if someone could give me any tips. Meaning if someone could give me any tips i would love it .. If i was bumping i would say ( Need help right now ) But clearly i said any tips ( SMH

Probably shouldn't be smart with the Admins.

On a side note, is there a website for your bantam American Games? I've personally never seen them but would like to.
There are lots of folks here who can help you. When you have all those exclamation points on your topic title, we expect an emergency and so when someone sees it's not an emergency we may tend to move on to another thread. You can try utilizing the search bar function to type in what you're specifically looking for. There are a ton of threads about game birds or any other specific breed. Also, the attitude displayed in one of your responses leads most of us to not want to help at all. this is an extremely helpful website with thousands of members with tons and tons of good information. You can play nice and enjoy all BYC has to offer, or not.
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