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7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
I have a male and female pair that are around a year old. The female had two female ducklings around two months ago. I began putting them outside together and suddenly my male has been trying to breed the two month old ducklings. They alarm me of this by screaming as loud as they can and as soon as I rush over the male leaves them alone. The four of them have been together for about three weeks now but starting a few days ago the male has tried to do nothing but mate with the ducklings. I don't like to keep my ducks in the barn, I want them free during the day so I am not really wanting to separate them. Will this settle down soon or am I just going to have to separate them? He's not really ripping feathers out of the ducklings but they start screaming. (They are in separate pens at night girls in one, my boy in the other). Is this just how it is until he gets things figured out? He's never acted like this before.
Thanks for any help you can give me!
if there is only one drake and 3 ducks you need to keep them all together. the constant separating and then remerging daily will keep his need to assert dominance high. a 3/1 is good ratio.
Yeah I have been keeping them together. It's been too cold out for the ducklings but now that they're completely feathered I put them out all the time. That was the biggest reason they weren't constantly together. But this past week they're always together, even at night, but now I'm nervous he'll harass them all night long.

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