Help! possible sick duck.


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Jun 28, 2014
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My 7 month old Pekin just started laying about 3 weeks ago. It has been daily until this week. Monday morning I found nothing. Tuesday I found it after work and today nothing again. She was acting odd today, not as happy and chatty as normal so I figured I'd try a warm bath to see if it would help
As soon as I put her in she pooped what looked like yolk. I am worried the egg broke but I checked the vent and didn't feel anything. I am not sure how far to go so I went in about an inch and a half. What could this be and did I check her wrong?
Don't go in very far - generally just an inch or so, but I am not sure . . . @casportpony may have better information about that.

I am guessing it's a shell-less egg. Those happen. She may need more calcium. What is she getting for calcium?
If they are layer pellets, that's good. Some give oyster shell free choice on the side.

I have added dissolved calcium citrate to layer pellets to boost calcium.

But sometimes when they first start laying, they will have weird, undeveloped eggs.
It is regular duck and goose feed. I was told that the oyster shell should be enough but not to go crazy with it because it is bad for the drake.

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