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  1. Okay, one of the silkies that just hatched was having a hard time getting the shell off and was moving around. i noticed something was dragging and that it was caught on the membrane. i carefully snipped the membrane to release the chick, but it looks like part of the intestines/colon is pulled out. What do i do?

    Look at the picture and you can see this coming out the end of the chicks bottom.

  2. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    It looks like your chicks either hatched too early or the temp is too high for proper absorption. I would leave it be for now, so not to disturb the rest of the hatch. It is not worth it to put the rest of the eggs at risk for one chick. Hang in there and keep the lid closed. What day are you on and what is the temp & humidity reading? Still air or fan bator?

  3. i pulled the chick out and ran it over to the emergency vet. They said there was nothing they could do for it, and so we had it euthanized. i couldn't bear to watch it dragging it's intestines around and pulling them out more and more.

    This was the biggest chick born so far, almost twice the size as the others. It had a hard time getting the shell disconnected from it's bottom, and then it looks like the membrane caught the intestines and pulled them out. i wonder if i could have done something had i intervened sooner.

    i do have a still air incubator at 100.8 with 78-80% humidity.
  4. Okay, i may have another problem. The next chick that hatched was not supposed to hatch until tomorrow. When it broke out, i saw some of the yolk fall away. Is it a problem if it does not absorb the entire yolk sac? What can i do to help this little guy?
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    i know about as much as you do about this mate...but is 80% too high for the humidity? From what I read today if you get yolk not absorbed it may be because the humidity is too high.
  6. Ack, i thought 75-80% was what you wanted for hatch day. This is all so confusing.
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    Jun 16, 2007
    I also thought 80% humidity was good. That's what I strive for when hatch day gets here. When I have had problems with yolks/intestines it has been when my temperature gets a little higher than I would like. Seems like high temps can also cause curled toes and splayed legs. Hope this helps. Good luck with the rest of your hatch!
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    I kept my temps at 100 and the humidity at 70% for my last hatch. They came out fine it was my first hatch too. Good luck with the rest of your hatch.
  9. Thanks so much. i will keep my eye on the temps for this hatch and the next (the woman who sold me these silkie eggs on ebay offered me some for free as she had too many, so those are hatching in a couple weeks.

    So far three healthy chicks, one tiny one that leaked some yolk sac but is hanging in there, and then that poor little one that had to be put down.

    Back to the bedroom to keep on eye on things.
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    Not sure if you did this already but, you may want to have 2 thermometers next round. I have 2 and make sure they both read about the same amount. Thermometers can sometimes be a bit off causing lower or higher which can be crucial to a hatch.
    I am sorry to hear about your little birds having trouble-I know it can be frustrating.

    Best wishes

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